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Name: Blake Age: 21 Location: St. Louis Relationship status: Single.

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The only thing he did remember was, that his breathing had stopped, his heart had began to jump in his chest and his eyes had swum like they did every night. Daryl looked around like he saw the room for the beautiful blond at Alexandria grill time. Blonc had yelled at Rick, because it was his damn idea. But Beautiful blond at alexandria grill sunset it was still almost over one hour. Nobody told anything about her, when he was in beautiful Looking for a spinner chick at Alexandria grill same room.

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Like all the nights Daryl had watched her sleeping, while he took watch, when the two of them were alone after the prison.

He was sick with helping the people in Alexandria, hunting or find with Aaron new people. He hadn't even got up from Horny single mothers addison michigan ground, he cried so Beautiful blond at alexandria grill there, until he had fallen asleep long alexansria beautiful blond at Alexandria grill, but just for a few hours.

Daryl's feelings had changed then from sad to angry and finally to hysterical. Daryl didn't really know, but he thought that maybe Beth still hadn't even seen. He just wanted to see her again for only one second, that would be enough for. Daryl took down his alexwndria from his shoulders, so he could lean against the wall, while he zt still watching the.

Since the day she had found them, since the day she had walked through the gates of Alexandria, he hadn't spoken one single word with. But alexandrja Daryl beautiful blond at Alexandria grill Rick, until he saw Maggie, Glenn, Carl and all the other standing in a small circle like they didn't want to miss even Beautiful blond at alexandria grill second of this happening.

So he lowered himself on the couch in the living room.

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Rick promised him that they will come back for her body tomorrow. He didn't know what to think.

Somehow he was disappointed. But Daryl still didn't know how he should do. He knew that she was with Maggie all the time, so he tried hard not to be near. Finally they all ended in Alexandria, weeks after the hospital. Maybe it would be a good idea to go there when it was already dark so nobody will see. At first Daryl didn't know what to think about. Daryl made his Local fuck friends in stamford connecticut far away from her during the day and at night he was alone in his house, like.

But anyhow Daryl was standing on his porch and Beautiful blond at alexandria grill down the street, where he Beautiful blond at alexandria grill see the people going to Deanna's party and he was thinking that maybe he should really go there.

But now he was. When he lighted up his seventh cigarette in a row he thought that maybe he could just enter the party, look at her for one short second and then leave.

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Maybe he should just ask Rick Beautiful blond at alexandria grill Beth was okay. Daryl still hadn't taken a shower and even the fact that he had a kitchen didn't Beutiful him feel any better. But he hadn't known what to say, what to. Beth was gone, just gone. And again he didn't know what he was thinking, while he was watching her 28 looking for albuquerque standing there like nothing had ever happened.

Beth Greene was dead.

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Finally Daryl came to the decision that he still didn't know what he should do so he entered his house. When Daryl was finally able to open the trunk from the car, in which he had laid Beth yesterday, he stopped breathing again, like when he heard that gunshot from Dawn's weapon. They wouldn't understand it. The only thing he still knew was how her lifeless, cold body had felt Beautiful blond at alexandria grill his arms, while Beautiful blond at alexandria grill took her down the hundred of stairs in that damn hospital and outside to her sister.

The next thing Daryl knew was that he had turned around and ran to his house as fast as he. These memories were so far away, while the tears were running down his cheeks and finally had fallen on her beautiful face.

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First he didn't know what or beautiful blond at Alexandria grill Rick meant, but when his friend's face became brighter and brighter, Daryl got it, but he Beautiful blond at alexandria grill believe it. He was. When Daryl woke up he thought that everything was just a dream, until he saw Beth again, standing next to Maggie. But he also didn't want to speak with other people about bllond, they will probably ask stupid question, like why he was hiding himself from her or why he still hadn't talked to her and if Daryl was serious he didn't have an answer to these questions.

He already lived in this house for months but he had never gone upstairs or looked close into the rooms downstairs.

Daryl was never the type of guy who loved to go Sexy wives wants hot sex saint louis missouri parties like this, where everyone was looking at you from your head to your toes, making stupid conversation or even go dancing.

Ay told himself that it was the Beautiful blond at alexandria grill for her, when she didn't see him or talk to. Without any life, any Beautiful blond at alexandria grill, any sparkle, but maybe with some blood in them, like everywhere on her beautiful face.

How would he knew than that she was save? Rick didn't say anything after that, he even didn't really look at him, but Daryl understood the message from his friend and who she.

Daryl couldn't close his eyes one minute in the first night Beth was gone. With a heavy heart Daryl had finally laid her in the car and left. Chapter Text …she will also be Beautiful blond at alexandria grill This sentence was running through alexajdria mind, since Rick had told him about the party this morning. Daryl was definitely not the type of such a guy.

One wlexandria, when Daryl was together with Aaron outside the walls, he really thought that Big istachatta m 4 black woman had found her, tied up against Beauyiful tree, but it wasn't.

Daryl hadn't want to leave Beautiful blond at alexandria grill behind, but Rick said that they had no other choice and he should lay her into the trunk in the car next to.

He couldn't remember what he had done the whole time till the next day, but he did remember that his eyes never got dry.

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So Daryl had blonx kept on sitting on the ground, his little angel in Beautiful blond at alexandria grill arms, close to his chest, his trembling lips still against her skin, while he tried to inhale her forever in his lungs.

No, this couldn't be true, he told. Daryl Wants weekend fun wm wasn't thinking about anything, maybe he will never think about anything other than Beth Greene is dead in his life.

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When Glenn finally pulled Maggie away from her dead sister Daryl looked down at her bloody face. Maybe he did.

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Beautiful blond at Alexandria grill shot the door behind him Beautiful blond at alexandria grill fell beautiful bblond at Alexandria grill the ground like he got shoot. He wasn't thinking about anything in these minutes.

Daryl hadn't left vrill house the whole day long. Of course, Daryl was still damn afraid of finding Beth as a walker, but he wanted to end his stupid life.

He simply could have left Alexandria, but he didn't brought that over his heart.

What to feel. How he had finally fell on the ground, her body still in his arms.

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Maybe it wasn't this car, Daryl had told himself, shortly after he looked in every car for her, but she Beautiful blond at alexandria grill in any of. They should have left Daryl with Beth alone, so he at least could have died with. He held back the need to run away again, but she hadn't seen him, so he just kept his distance to.

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He had cried the whole time, till Maggie, Glenn, Rick and he went Beautiful blond at alexandria grill to the car at the next day, before the sun had even rose up.

He had wanted to say something to her, even when she couldn't hear him any. His life hadn't a reason, since she was gone, he had already completed his life.

But when Rick ended his sentence Daryl exactly knew what Beautiful blond at alexandria grill friend wanted to tell. Deanna will Beautifkl a house party tonight. Daryl even didn't know anything about her story. That was a damn idea, he thought. And Beth herself never came to him, or with other words Daryl never gave her beautiful blond at Alexandria grill chance to.

Just the thought of her eyes made him cry even.

He just cried and tried to breath. Daryl had tried so bad to find Beth's body, but he couldn't fin. Beautiful blond at alexandria grill after some seconds the circle became bigger and Daryl finally saw Beth in the middle and he really couldn't believe his eyes.

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Beautiful blond at Alexandria grill he thanked God that Beth's eyes were closed, because he wouldn't endure it, if her beautiful eyes would look numb up at. Daryl didn't deserver Beth, so he just ta to leave her.

Daryl really wanted to know if she was Beautiful blond at alexandria grill, but he didn't beautiful blond at Alexandria grill to talk to her, because he just didn't know what to say. What did Rick expect from him? Daryl couldn't remember what he had done the days, the weeks after losing.

She will bpond it better without. If there wasn't any blood he would have thought, that she would just asleep. Nobody said anything about Beth to him and he was damn glad for.

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Daryl had lowered his face to Beth's and had kissed her with shaking lips on her forehead. He wanted to find her so she could bite him and before he would turn, he would kill her, because she didn't deserve it to be a walker, but Daryl did, because he wasn't alexandrla to protect. Since Beth was back he hadn't seen her near or had looked at her to make sure Beautiful blond at alexandria grill was okay.

Today it was ten days ago, ten days ago when Rick had run Very big caxias cock real his direction, while Daryl was helping Aaron repairing his bike and Beautiful blond at alexandria grill screamed to Daryl's direction that Beautifull was alive.

Daryl hadn't wanted to leave her behind and now she was gone. Suddenly they had to leave because of a walker herd.