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Looking to lick your holes this morning saturday I Am Wanting Sexual Partners

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Looking to lick your holes this morning saturday

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Mornimg dont know what it is I just don't feel like being here today. Cougar wanted m4w Well built athletic 19yr old looking for a women who knows what she wants. I am just seeking for a friend, so anyone really qualifies .

Age: 49
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City: Toledo, OH
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One warm summer evening my normally prudish wife turned to me and asked, "Would you lick my pussy after we have had sex?

As soon as I withdrew from her she slid up my body and placed her cum filled pussy over my mouth. I slipped my tongue in and had my first taste of a used pussy, I must admit Lookiing I really enjoyed that moment.

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She proceeded to grind her cummy pussy on my mouth as I licked and sucked my delicious cum from. As we layed together she asked if she could get xaturday by other men, then come home and feed me her used pussy, I was a little shocked by this Windsor escorts but agreed we could give it a try.

The following weekend she announced she was going out for the evening, I was to be in bed when she got home. Friday soon came around, I was in the lounge while she was getting ready for her Lookinf. When she came into the lounge she looked like a proper whore but also very horny.

I complimented her on her appearance and slapped her arse, she gave me a pair of her black lacy panties and said I was to have them on when she came home. After she had left I went to to our bedroom, I put the little black panties on and jumped into bed. I fell asleep watching a movie, when I woke it was nearly mornjng and she was not home.

I heard the front door opening a little while later and she came in, I was wondering where she had been and my cock was getting hard, straining against the little panties I had on. I heard her come up the stairs and open the bedroom door, she still looked very horny but was looking a little red and flustered.

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She informed me that she had met a group of four lads in a local bar and had agreed to go to a hotel moening and entertain. My cock was straining in the little black lacy panties as she told me what she had been up to.

She informed me that she had sucked four different morinng, none were allowed to cum in her mouth as she wanted it all in her pussy to bring home for me. She asked if I was okay as she rubbed my cock through the now damp black panties, I said that I was okay and pleased she had enjoyed her evening.

I was made to lay on my back a she removed her cum sodden panties and made me lick the cum from them, all the time she was telling me how she had been used by four guys and how she loved it. She told me that all four guys had decent sized Looking to lick your holes this morning saturday and that she had been stretched by all of them, she then sat on my face and asked me to clean her sopping cum filled pussy.

As I began to lick and suck at her pussy she had a very intense orgasm, I could not believe how much warm sticky cum was filling my mouth as she groaned on top of me.

I licked her cum filled pussy until I had swallowed so much cum that I was about to burst. I could not believe how horny she.

I was then allowed to fuck her doggy style with my cock poking out the top of Looking to lick your holes this morning saturday black, panties I was wearing, all the time she was telling me all the details of her dirty evening.

I was so horny that I emptied a huge load of my own into her well used pussy, she then spanked me while telling me I was a naughty boy for allowing her to be used and licking her used pussy.

It was three in the morning when she finally lowered her pussy onto my mouth and made me clean my cum from her dripping hole. She has now told me that this will be a regular event and I had better get used to it.

I have mirning if I could watch while she gets herself shagged. She has said she will consider it in the future if I agree to wear a cock cage while I watch.

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So far I have not been allowed to watch, although when she goes out she always puts me in a cock cage before she goes. Tags: cuckoldcockcreampiecage.

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