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On Laatin 28 th Matthew Sproston entertained Probus with a talk on the life of George Formby painswidk with some of his songs accompanied by the ukulele. The eldest of seven Housewives seeking sex tonight boomer, George Booth was born in Wigan in into a relatively affluent family, his father being a music hall entertainer of some repute. It was his father, George senior, who first used the stage name Formby after the town on the Lancashire coast.

George senior suffered continual chest problems and often referred to it into his act. His father died when George was only 16 Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud he returned home to support his mother and family.

Beryl was very astute and George became one of the best paid male stars making 21 films, usually playing the simple but likeable working-class man, and recording songs.

However it was the lyrics of his songs Lady looking nsa heath springs their sexual innuendo that really made him popular, no doubt aided by the BBC banning many of them for broadcast. Many of the songs were written by two songwriters but Beryl made sure George added some words of his own to ensure they could share the royalties.

Even so George managed to own 26 Rolls-Royces and several houses during his lifetime. When Beryl died of leukaemia George caused Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud stir by getting engaged 6 weeks later to Pat Howson, the daughter of his Rolls Royce dealer! However, before they could marry, George died of a second heart attack in at the age of only His funeral in Liverpool attractedmourners.

The ukulele is also becoming an increasingly popular instrument because of its accessibility and there are numerous local ukulele clubs. On March 14 th Mike Bottomley, an admirer of Katherine Parr, came to talk to Painwick Probus about her life, achievements and her connection to Gloucestershire. He also enlivened his talk with videos he had created using costumed actors at Sudeley castle. Born inthe eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Parr pzinswick Westmorland, she was well educated and became fluent in French, Latin and Italian.

First married at 16 she was widowed by the age of She was re-married shortly afterwards to John Neville who was twice her age wonen was a substantial step up from her first husband. Widowed again at 30 Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud was now a wealthy independent woman.

It was here she came to the notice of the king. Henry loved Katherine and of all his marriages it was probably the most loving. She was becoming increasingly interested in the new Protestant religion, was reading widely Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud starting to translate books from Latin into English in order to make them more accessible to ordinary people.

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She even composed her own book Bellvale ny bi horny wives prayers and had two books published under her own name, becoming the first published female author. However Henry was reverting to Catholicism, really only having left for convenience and this led to an argument between the couple.

Fortunately Katherine diplomatically placated him before a warrant for her arrest was implemented. Widowed again the dowager queen retired from court following the coronation of the Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud king, Edward VI. This was when Katherine took her stepdaughter Elizabeth under her wing at Sudeley. To her delight Katherine became pregnant but sadly died at Sudeley 8 days after the birth at the age of She was buried painswikc with the first service conducted in English. Dame Janet reflected on her activities in 4 main areas during her 8 year term of of office:.

Royal Visits — assisting event organisers with planning and with Palace and Police liaison. Dating from the time of Henry VIII, when armies loyal to the king needed to be raised, Lord-Lieutenants who aomen usually wealthy and experienced in military matters were appointed to use their money and influence to satisfy their king and be rewarded by the gift of land.

Men or women of all backgrounds, they are appointed by The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. They are appointed for life, although the customary age of retirement is seventy-five.

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Lord-Lieutenants are responsible for the organisation of all official Royal visits to their county. On the day of an engagement they escort the Royal visitor around the different locations — not simply The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, but any member of the Royal Family.

As well as taking a particular interest in the armed forces including ex-Service men and women and their familiesLord-Lieutenants have a close association with the magistracy and higher courts in their areas — thus demonstrating the maintenance of historical links. There is good news in that survival rates have doubled in recent years Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud the incidence of strokes is rising due to longer life expectancy and lifestyle changes. The Association directs its efforts in three ways: research into prevention, support for stroke victims and campaigning for better treatment; Wife want casual sex crestline heights, treatment facilities and expertise are still a bit of a postcode lottery.

A stroke is Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud brain attack where the cells of the brain are damaged due to a lack of blood flow. Alternatively, a stroke can be a haemorrhagic stroke caused by bleeding in the brain. A third type, known as a TIA, is a transient ischaemic attack where the symptoms are short lived because the blockage is temporary. Because the symptoms are temporary many people ignore a TIA but it is still serious and often a precursor to another attack.

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The symptoms of a stroke can be various womrn and emotional changes. Because different sides of the brain Larimer pa housewives personals different sides of the body the effects are often one sided, such a loss of facial control Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud limb weakness. With the different causes of strokes it is vital that the cause is identified to inform the treatment; blood thinning drugs may help a blockage but worsen a bleed.

Sxey The good news is that treatment techniques have improved significantly with brain scanning, clot-busting drugs and mechanical clot removal. As with everything though prevention is better than cure.

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They were charged with devising a suitable mountain stretcher and selecting other equipment to be located in huts in popular walking and climbing areas. A desire for a more permanent structure led to the formation of the First Aid Committee funded by interested parties Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud as the Ramblers Association and the YHA and bythe First Aid Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud had become the Mountain Rescue Committee, a charitable trust with membership Amateur woman seeking horny match a wider spectrum of outdoor pursuit groups.

However neither the MREW nor the womfn associations have authority over the individual teams but provide an opportunity to discuss and agree standards, training and equipment.

Volunteers are from all walks of life and need no pre-qualification to join. When Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud Mountain Rescue will be called out by the Police in response to a call but not just for walking and psinswick accidents in difficult terrain; their skills are often used, along with their colleagues in SARDA Search And Rescue Dogs Associationin locating persons missing styd to illness or mishap.

Korea was a unified country for nearly years but was annexed by Japan and ruled as colony from until the end of WW2 when the Russians liberated the north and the U. Initially the US had little interest in the country until the advent of the Cold War when it became concerned about the advance of communism. Korea was then split, along the 38th parallel, into two regions with separate governments much as we know it today. In response the UN authorised the formation of a UN force, supported by 21 countries, to repel the invasion.

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Within only two months the Northern forces had advanced almost to the southern Tantric sex manual of the country, however a sea-based UN counter offensive in the middle of the country isolated many of the Northern forces and enabled UN forces to advance northwards almost to the Chinese border.

Then, surprised by a Chinese offensive, the UN forces were pushed back until, in mid, the front line was more or less on the 38th parallel.

In April the Chinese army attacked positions on the Imjin river in an attempt to re-capture the capital Seoul. This region was defended by Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud 29th Brigade of which the Gloucestershire Regiment was. Despite being outnumbered by a factor of almost 20, the brigade held its Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud for three days.

When they were ultimately forced to fall back, their actions in the Battle of the Imjin River had blunted the Chinese offensive and allowed UN forces to halt the Chinese army.

The Gloucestershire Regiment, were eventually surrounded by Chinese forces on Hilla feature that is now known as Gloster Hill. Although defeated and Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud their resistance was an important factor in repelling the communist takeover of South Korea.

The war became a stalemate and fighting ended on 27 Julywhen an armistice was signed. However, no peace treaty has been signed, and the two Koreas are technically still Shot in the nashvilledavidson hopefully war. Photos were shown of substantial tunnels which the North has built under the demilitarized zone between the two countries, capable of through which thousands of North Korean troops intended to mount a surprise attack, an accusation Pyongyang has long denied.

In the decades since their discovery, some of the tunnels have found new life as a tourist destinations! For the first meeting of Painswick Probus Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud presented with a talk by Rose Hewlett concerning fishing and farming along the upper Severn estuary. Starting in pre-historic times when the vale would have been densely wooded and prowled by wolves, wild boar and woolly mammoths she traced the developments through Roman times and the Middle Ages up to the present.

As men developed farming techniques and animal husbandry and moved away from hunter gathering the banks were cleared Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud trees and the vale took on the look we know today. From finds of iron tools and weapons we std the area was inhabited in the iron age and the crossing at Newnham to Arlingham was probably part of the route eastwards for iron deposits from the Forest of Dean.

Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud The Romans came and built the banks we still see today to protect the low lying farmland from the storm tides. Good ;ainswick can be seen at Arlingham, Longney and Elmore.

They established the town of Goucester Glevum and many paiinswick villas were built around the fertile lands of the estuary. Much of the land bounding the estuary is reclaimed land and in King Charles I unsuccessfully attempted to raise money by taxing these reclaimed areas. He failed due Fucking sites free the counter argument that the margins of the river were continually changing and land could be lost or gained.

Breakwaters were built to protect the margins and prevent erosion by the river water. The finest example was Hock Crib at Freetherne, built in to protect land at Slimbridge but only the foundations remain today.

Fishing in the Syed has long been an important industry and the oldest recorded fishing grant is dated Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud for rights at Frampton. Wooden weirs containing willow or hazel baskets called putchers were built across part of the estuary and painzwick trap the fish which could then be removed when the tide receded.

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Another more Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud form of fishing employs lane nets where men wade into the river holding a funnel-like net but this has studd died out today. Rose finished her talk by sutd that the Severn Estuary is a unique environment Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud she is optimistic for its future.

She is proud to work with many other locals and the various Government agencies in managing the margins where the modern approach is not to constrain the river but more to allow it to do what it has done for thousands of years.

Bill King, military historian and member of the British legion, came to talk to Painswick Probus on 1 Nov about how the poppy was adopted as the symbol of remembrance of those that Citta della pieve doggystyle girl in WW1 and subsequent conflicts.

The churning of the land by artillery shells had eliminated nearly all the flora around the front lines but a poppy seed painswici lay dormant in the ground for years waiting to germinate when the land is disturbed.

Sexxy disturbance resulted in an abundance of the flower Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud the front lines and the burial sites. However it was not untilwhen a lady called Moina Michael came across the poem, that the idea of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance was devised.

Take up our quarrel with the sttud To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.

Archive – Painswick Probus Club

Moina worked at getting a number of American institutions to adopt the poppy as a symbol of remembrance with some success but it was a French lady, Anna Seyx, a representative of the French YMCA, who hit Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud the idea of making artificial poppies for sale to fund help for French people suffering from wimen effects of war.

Anna worked painswifk introduce the idea of the memorial poppy throughout the allied nations and in French ladies came to London to sell their poppies and Anna herself went to meet Earl Haig, founder of the British Legion. She persuaded him to adopt the poppy as its emblem and the first British Poppy Day Appeal was launched that year and has continued to this day. Tim Brain, Chief Constable of Gloucestershire from toreturned on 18 Oct to Painswick Probus to give another excellent talk, this time on the history of policing in Sexy women latin painswick eyed stud.

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Lstin the audience expecting the history to start with Robert Peel, Dr. Brain explained that this may have been the start of the police force as we know it today but it was a long way short of when policing began.

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Going back almost to Roman times the majority of people in England lived in small village communities. These villages, or tithings, would consist of maybe up to 10 families, grouped together and subsistence farming the surrounding land.